Laboratory Projects

  • Zephyr Textile
  • Jotun Paint.Ltd
  • Nippon Paint Pakistan
  • Dada Tanneny
  • Fast Cables Ltd
  • Firhaj Footwear Ltd
  • Ibrahim Fiber Ltd
  • Nishat Chunnian
  • Sapphire Finishing
  • US Apparel Textile
  • ICohinoor Mills
  • Fafhan Maize
  • Mitchell’s Farm Fruit
  • Sadaqat Textile
  • Honda Atlas Car Pakistan
  • Ranter Pvt.Ltd
  • Fasial Fabric.Ltd
  • Firdous Textile Mills
  • Madina Steel Mills
  • Haleeb Foods
  • Tapal Tea Ltd
  • Asian Food Industries
  • Linde Pakistan
  • Azgaed Nine Ltd
  • Berger Pakistan Ltd

World Bank Funded Projects Of The Govt. Of Punjab:

  • Ambient air monitoring with mobile Horriba monitors, during the construction/repair of eighteen roads in Rawalpindi Division during the year
  • Waste and drinking water analysis of WASA Rawalpindi
  • Ambient air monitoring with mobile Horriba monitors, during the construction/repair of fourteen roads in Faisalabad Division during the year
  • Ambient air monitoring with mobile Horriba monitors, during the construction/repair of twenty seven roads in Lahore Divisions during the year
  • upcoming project of above mention category have been awarded to M/s Pak Green, for the year 2015

M/S Nishat Mills Pvt. Ltd.

  • Pak Green Laboratories has one year agreement with Nishat Chunian for environmental
  • Pak Green Engineering section has provided the facility and assistance to the Nishat Chunian management for the Hazardous/Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Execution of Environmental approvals of three extension unit and power plants by submitting environmental assessment
  • Approvals were granted under Letter DD(EIA)/EPA/F-133(IEE)/2014/964 Dated: 03.06.2014 & second one was DD(EIA)/EPA/F-134(IEE)/2014/1906 Dated: 07.05.2014

M/S Sitara Chemical Limited Faisalabad:

  • Pak Green Enviro-Engineering has conducted the baseline Environmental
  • Design for waste water treatment plant submitted by the Pak Green Engineering
  • Pak green was succeeded in securing environmental approval from EPA under letter no, DD(EIA)/EPA/F-708(IEE)/0210/2014/1658 Dated: 10.2014
  • Execution of EPO from Honorable Punjab Environmental Tribunal (PET) by Pak Green Techno- Legal

Mitchell’s fruit Farms Limited

  • M/S Pak Green laboratories has provided the technical assistance for the operation of ETP
  • After achieving the compliance of section-11 of PEPA 1997 (Amended 2012) the Pollution charges was evacuated by honorable PET against M/s Mitchell’s Fruit Farms Limited.
  • Pak Green Laboratories has made agreement for 1 year regarding the technical supervision of ETP and wet Scrubbing system.

Punjab Group of Colleges

  • Pak Green is involved in designing sustainable building design and environmental approval of different campuses of Punjab Group oF
  • Recently Environmental approval was secured by M/s Pak Green for the Pattoki campus under the letter DD(EIA)/EPA/F-709(IEE)/1911/2013/1331 Dated: 27.11.2013

M/S Rafhan Maize Co. Ltd:

  • Pak Green has conducted baseline Environmental Study for
  • Initial Environmental Examination Report of Coal Fired Power Plant and facilitation in securing Environmental
  • Environmental Monitoring M/S Faras Fertilizer Private Limited :
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Preparation of environmental assessment report for handling of hazardous substance under section 14 of PEPA (Amended 2012).
  • Pak Green was succeeded in securing the environmental approval from EPA under the letter DD(EIA)/EPA/F-489(IEE)/0808/2014/1476 Dated: 10.09.2014

M/S Dalda Foods Pakistan:

  • Baseline Environmental Study conducting by the PAK GREEN EIA/IEE
  • Preparation of environmental impact assessment report and submitting case into the EPA
  • Facilitation and follow up for securing Environmental
  • Provide the firefighting and occupational health and safety plan and design waste water treatment

M/S Eastern Chemical Sugar Distillery Plant Faisalabad:

  • Baseline Environmental Study for the EIA by the Pak
  • Preparation of environmental impact assessment
  • Facilitation in securing Environmental M/S Sapphire Textile Mills:
  • Initial Environmental Examination Reports of extension units and facilitation in securing Environmental
  • Environmental Monitoring

M/S DADA Enterprises (Tannery), Kasur:

  • Pak Green EIA/IEE section has facilitated the Dada Enterprises in securing Environmental Approval for operational Phase from EPA under NOC DD(EIA)/EPA/F- 34(EIA)/2K/10/Cir/498 Dated: 13.07.2011
  • Pak Green Laboratories has been conducting Environmental monitoring on monthly bases since
  • Pak Green Laboratories section provides the technical super vision for the operation and maintenance of the ETP at M/s Dada

M/S ADAM Sugar Mills, Chishtian, Bahawalnagar:

  • Pak Green Engineering Section has been conducted the baseline Environmental Study of the Adam sugar mills for waste water treatment Plant.
  • Pak Green Engineering section Design ETP of the Adam Sugar mills.
  • Pak Green Techno-Legal Section has been facilitated the Adam sugar mills Management in evacuation of Environment Protection Order (EPO) from the Honorable PET.
  • Pak Green Laboratories conducting Environmental Monitoring.

National Bank of Pakistan:

  • Pak Green conducts IEE/EIA for NBP.
  • Pak Green Environmentalist has been conducted the baseline study of environment of the project area in Lahore.
  • Pak Green Engineering section has been provided the environmental feasibility report of the project.
  • Environmental Approval of corporate office building the Mall Lahore was secured by M/s Pak Green, under the letter no DD(EIA)/EPA/F-183(IEE)/2012/326

M/S PEPSI Gujranwala:

  • Environmental monitoring and compliance report
  • Provide Engineering Design for the steam boiler
  • Pak Green Engineering Section has been installed the scrubbing system on the boiler to control the gases emissions and PM for the compliance of NEQs.

M/S Coca Cola:

  • Baseline study at the Heripur Hazara KPK of new
  • Pak Green Laboratories has been sampled Ground water and testing of the project site at Dengue
  • Soil and vegetation status of the project
  • Ambient air monitoring of the project site with HORIBA APNA for 24
  • PM monitoring of the proposed study area before the project
  • Pak Green Conducted the Socio-Economic survey of the Heripur Hazara in favor of Coca Cola.

M/S NIPPON Paints, Pakistan:

  • Pak Green EIA section has facilitate, follow up and secured Environmental NOC in favor of M/S NIPPON Pakistan Under section-14 for the handling and storage of the hazardous chemicals under letter DD(EIA)/EPA/F-802/2007/616 Dated: 22.09.2010
  • Quarterly monitoring and submitting the Compliance audited report in the EPA
  • Occupational health and safety assessment at the Nippon project site and provide them mitigation measure.
  • Conducting the WORKSHOPs, training sessions for awareness at NIPPON PAINT project site by Pak GREEN expert trainees in occupational health and safety field.

M/S VIVIFY Leather Industry, Sialkot:

  • Pak Green Group has Facilitate and follow up for obtaining the Environmental NOC for the operation of leather industry at Sialkot under the letter DD (EIA)/EPA/F- 246(IEE)/0210/2014/1543 Dated: 15.10.2014.
  • Environmental monitoring and provide the solid waste management
  • Assisting the Vivify in the Treatment of waste water by installing the ETP
  • Provide the technical assistance to Vivify ETP staff for the proper operation by the PAK GREEN ETP engineers.

M/S MECAS Engineering, Lahore:

  • Pak Green Techno-legal evacuate the EPO from the honor able PET due to the violence the section-11 (pollution charge due to air emissions) of EPA
  • Pak Green EIA/IEE session develop the environmental management plan for
  • Pak Green Technical experts assist and provide the design to Mecas Engineering for the installation of Wet Scrubbing
  • Monitoring and compliance report develop by the PAK GREEN Laboratories (Pak EPA certified)
  • Training the Mecas Engineering labor conducting by Pak Green Experts.

M/S Kausar Feed Mills:

  • Base line study for the EIA conducting by the Pak Green Environmental session.
  • Public hearing and presentation of the project conducted by the Pak Green for the public awareness about environment.
  • Socio-economic survey conducted by the Pak Green in the project area.
  • Pak Green Laboratories monitoring the feed unit and develop compliance reports under regulation 19 of PEPA.

M/S Kashmir Ghee/ United Industries, Faisalabad:

  • Pak Green Enviro-Engineering has been provided the steam Boiler design and technical assistance.
  • Pak Green has been Installed the wet scrubbing system to control the stack emission gases and dust particle at Kashmir Ghee.
  • Pak Green Facilitated the proponent in obtaining the NOC from EPA Punjab.

M/S Alpha Chemicals (ephedrine and other medical precursor unit)

  • Pak Green Enviro-Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. Ensure the compliance of the Alpha Chemicals
  • Alpha chemical is a single one sustainable unit of Ephedrine producing in Asia. Pak Green has been facilitated the Alpha Chemicals in obtaining the Environmental NOC under letter no. DD(EIA)/EPA/F-238(IEE)/2011/2504 Dated: 29.05.2013.
  • Monitoring for the environmental compliance of the Alpha Chemicals conducted by Pak Green Laboratories.
  • Pak Green Enviro-Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. Provide the technical assistance and design of ETP in favor of Alpha Chemicals.

Bulleh shah packaging (Pvt.) Ltd.

  • Pak Green EIA/IEE section has been conducted the baseline study of Bulleh Shah
  • Pak Green has been developed the Environmental Impact Assessment report under the section-14 (handling and storage of hazards chemicals).
  • Pak Green Engineering Section also Conduct the electrical hazards assessment and reporting the management about week point for taking the timely measures.