Our Team

We are, at times, a strange brew. But this is what works for us — and inevitably, it works for our clients. The types of people who work at Pak Green are strategists, anthropologists, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, negotiators, students and builders. Herein lies our value. We are able to look at problems from many different perspectives and apply this diverse point of view to solutions for our clients

  • Abdul Hafeez Nasir


    Lead Environmental Professional Ph. D. Scholar Environmental Management, L.L.B.

  • Zaira Tasneem


    M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

  • Akif Rehman Butt


    International Co-Operations

  • Mian Iftikhar Ahmad


    Sr. Environmental Professional B.sc (Hons.) Environmental Sciences

  • Ahmed Raza

    Marketing Manager BBA

  • Dr. Rizwan Haider

    Cheif Chemist

    Ph. D. Environmental Sciences (GCU)

  • Muhammad Raza Ullah

    Chief Analyst

    M.Sc. Chemistry (GCU), MBA Marketing (VU)

  • Qurat-ul-ain

    Deputy Technical Manager Laboratory Analyst

    B.S. (Hons.) in Chemistry (GCU)

  • Rabia Sohail

    Dy. QM / Manager Operations / Microbiologist

    B.Sc. (Hons.) in MicroBiology (GCU), M. Phil Industrial Bio-Technology (NUST)

  • Umair Rashid

    Field Analyst

    B.Sc.(Hons.) Environmental Sciences (GCU)

  • Iqra Amjad

    Asst. Manager Operations

    B.S. (Hons.) Environmental Sciences (PU), M.Phil Environmental Sciences (L.S.E.)

  • Muhammad Saghir

    Field Analyst

    M.Phil Environmental Sciences (GCU)

  • Muhammad Saqib

    Lab Analyst

    M.Sc. Chemistry (GCU)

  • Adil Javed

    Field Analyst

    M.Phil Environmental Sciences (BZU)

  • Dr. Madiha Aftab

    Associate Environmental Professional

    Ph. D. Environmental Sciences (LCWU)

  • Kiran Irshad

    Senior Environmental Professional

    M.Phil. Environmental Sciences (GCU)

  • Salaha Saeed

    Project Manager, R&D specialist

    M.S. Environmental Engineer (UET)

  • Hassan Afzal Khan

    Associate Environmental Professional

    B.S. (Hons.) Environmental Sciences (UVAS)

  • Narmeen Sana Jamil

    Associate Environmental Professional

    B.S. (Hons.) Environmental Sciences (PU), M.S. TQM (PU)

  • Hira Roohani

    Associate Environmental Professional

    M.S. Environmental Sciences (PU)

  • Tanveer Hussain

    Engineer Associate Environmental Professional

    B.Sc. Environmental Engineer (UAF)

  • Ahsan Akhtar


    B.Com. (PU)

  • Rehman Shahid

    Field Assistant / Analyst

  • Nadeem Abbas

    Lab Assistant