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Mitchell’s fruit Farms Limited

M/S Pak Green laboratories has provided the technical assistance for the operation of ETP After achieving the compliance of section-11 of PEPA 1997 (Amended 2012) the Pollution charges was evacuated by honorable PET against M/s Mitchell’s Fruit Farms Limited. Pak Green Laboratories has made agreement for 1 year regarding the technical supervision of ETP and […]


Pak Green Enviro-Engineering has conducted the baseline Environmental studies. Pak Green has prepared Environmental Impact Assessment Report for the installation of Grid station in the DHA projects. Pak Green Laboratories conducting Environmental Monitoring.

M/S Tetra Pack (Pakistan) Limited

Pak green has conducted the annual compliance report for M/S Tetra pack. Pak green has gotten the responsibility of preparing Annual audit reports for the Tetra pack. Pak Green Laboratories has served Tetra pack in monitoring of air, water and noise.

M/S Honda Atlas

Pak green Compliance section has dealt the Defiance reports of the Honda Atlas Pak Green has prepared an Environmental management Plan for the proponent  PakGreen Laboratories has provided the technical assistance for the monitoring on Annual Basis.

M/S Rafhan Maize Co. Ltd

Pak Green has conducted baseline Environmental Study for Rafhan Maize. Initial Environmental Examination Report of Coal Fired Power Plant and facilitation in securing Environmental. Environmental Monitoring by Pak green laboratories.

M/S Faras Fertilizer Private Limited

Environmental Monitoring Preparation of environmental assessment report for handling of hazardous substance under section 14 of PEPA (Amended 2012). Pak Green was succeeded in securing the environmental approval from EPA under the letter DD(EIA)/EPA/F-489(IEE)/0808/2014/1476 Dated: 10.09.2014

M/S Dalda Foods Pakistan

Baseline Environmental Study conducting by the Pak Green EIA/IEE Preparation of environmental impact assessment report and submitting case into the EPA Facilitation and follow up for securing Environmental Providethe  firefighting  and  occupational  health  and  safety  plan  and  design  waste  water treatment

M/S KnN’s

Baseline Environmental Study for the EIA by the Pak green. Preparation of more than five Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) of the poultry projects including JP,Breeders, Layer Farms. Facilitation in the compliance matters of the projects for 5 years. Pak Green Laboratories conducting Environmental Monitoring.

M/S Sapphire Textile Mills

InitialEnvironmental  Examination  Reports  of  extension  units  and  facilitation  in  securing Environmental Pak Green Environmental Monitoring is conducted by our team on monthly basis.