Mitchell’s fruit Farms Limited

  • M/S Pak Green laboratories has provided the technical assistance for the operation of ETP
  • After achieving the compliance of section-11 of PEPA 1997 (Amended 2012) the Pollution charges was evacuated by honorable PET against M/s Mitchell’s Fruit Farms Limited.
  • Pak Green Laboratories has made agreement for 1 year regarding the technical supervision of ETP and wet Scrubbing system.


  • Pak Green Enviro-Engineering has conducted the baseline Environmental studies.
  • Pak Green has prepared Environmental Impact Assessment Report for the installation of Grid station in the DHA projects.
  • Pak Green Laboratories conducting Environmental Monitoring.

M/S Tetra Pack (Pakistan) Limited

  • Pak green has conducted the annual compliance report for M/S Tetra pack.
  • Pak green has gotten the responsibility of preparing Annual audit reports for the Tetra pack.
  • Pak Green Laboratories has served Tetra pack in monitoring of air, water and noise.

M/S Honda Atlas

  • Pak green Compliance section has dealt the Defiance reports of the Honda Atlas
  • Pak Green has prepared an Environmental management Plan for the proponent
  •  PakGreen Laboratories has provided the technical assistance for the monitoring on Annual Basis.

M/S Sunder Industrial Estate

  • Team PakGreen has served the Industrial Estate in the waste water flow rate calculation.
  • Pak green is serving Industrial estate since long time.

M/S Rafhan Maize Co. Ltd

  • Pak Green has conducted baseline Environmental Study for Rafhan Maize.
  • Initial Environmental Examination Report of Coal Fired Power Plant and facilitation in securing Environmental.
  • Environmental Monitoring by Pak green laboratories.

M/S Faras Fertilizer Private Limited

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Preparation of environmental assessment report for handling of hazardous substance under section 14 of PEPA (Amended 2012).
  • Pak Green was succeeded in securing the environmental approval from EPA under the letter DD(EIA)/EPA/F-489(IEE)/0808/2014/1476 Dated: 10.09.2014

M/S Dalda Foods Pakistan

  • Baseline Environmental Study conducting by the Pak Green EIA/IEE
  • Preparation of environmental impact assessment report and submitting case into the EPA
  • Facilitation and follow up for securing Environmental
  • Providethe  firefighting  and  occupational  health  and  safety  plan  and  design  waste  water treatment

M/S KnN’s

  • Baseline Environmental Study for the EIA by the Pak green.
  • Preparation of more than five Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) of the poultry projects including JP,Breeders, Layer Farms.
  • Facilitation in the compliance matters of the projects for 5 years.
  • Pak Green Laboratories conducting Environmental Monitoring.

M/S Sapphire Textile Mills

  • InitialEnvironmental  Examination  Reports  of  extension  units  and  facilitation  in  securing Environmental
  • Pak Green Environmental Monitoring is conducted by our team on monthly basis.